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Every 3 months we'll welcome a new season. What does this mean?

1) Kids in daycare & school can bring lots of bacteria and viruses back home 

2) Rapid Environmental changes 

What can we expect?

Increased cases in Common cold, Flu, Viruses, Strep throat, Allergies, etc.

Benefits of Detox and Immune Boost in children and adults, we can expect to:

  • lessen or avoid the effects of these
  • Improve sleep (<- waking every night at 3am?)
  • Improve energy 
  • Support the proper function of the digestive track - if one is experiencing constipation
  • Help with hormonal regulation 
  • Reduce inflammation - joint pain
  • Improve mood (swings, hyperactivity)


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4 Weeks: 4 Immune-Boosting Holistic Techniques.

Immune Boost Trick 1

Get A Personalized Holistic Plan

These strategies can help one to strengthen their immunity as per their own needs.

Immune Boost Trick 2

Easy To Follow Morning Routine

How we start the day is #1 on the list. This can set the tone for our day.

Immune Boost Trick 3
Good Nutrition

Knowing when and what to eat can save us some sick days. 

Studies suggest that a person's nutrition influences their immune system.

Immune Boost Trick 4
Good Night Sleep Routine

Research has shown that getting good sleep can strengthen our immune system.

When we sleep, our bodies produce a protein called cytokines, which target infection and inflammation, creating an immune response.

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Should one wait any longer?

Act now. Every day matters. 


Mihaela is A Fully Qualified Holistic Practitioner

who is best known for helping couples who are having trouble starting or growing their family. She discovered a personal and unique method to help decode the underlying cause of infertility. After going through her own similar journey she’s more committed than ever to helping other families.

Her experience thought her that to achieve fertility health, one needs to have a strong immune response. She is eager to share her experience with people who are looking to balance their hormones and improve immune system so they achieve their health goals.

"Life changing experience. Thank you Mihaela for the great care and support"

- Danny K.

"Working with Mihaela has been an uplifting and transformative experience. Since our first meeting, she was very attentive and able to zero-in on effective strategies for my ongoing problems pertaining to issues of attachment, creativity and sadness. She went to great lengths to identify root causes and how I could take a key role in self-rehabilitation and actualization. I highly recommend working with her for any one willing to actively participate in building their road back to their best self."

- Brenda P.

"Great personal approach and efficiency of the recommended therapy."

- Ramesh P.

4 Weeks: 4 Immune-Boosting Holistic Techniques

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